The Cable Cafe – Friends, Family, & Fun!

The Cable Cafe – Friends, Family, & Fun!

It’s a quaint little place, The Cable Café. Nestled right on Highway 63 as you drive through Cable Wisconsin, the quintessential small-town cafe welcomes locals and visitors alike, with its purple exterior, window flower boxes, and landmark white coffee cup on the side.  If you didn’t know it was there, you might just drive on by, commenting about the coffee cup sign, but to those that know, the Cable Café is a must stop for everyone, and has been for generations.

Smells of home cooked food welcome you as you enter.  Knotty Pine, local art work, and photos of resident’s –  past and present –  line the walls.  The cozy dining room offers tables for families and small groups, while bright window lined counter at the front of the restaurant beckons patrons with warm coffee and friendly conversation with friends and neighbors.  It is truly a place where people are welcomed and encouraged to gather, taking their time to eat, visit, and just “be” among friends.

The menu is filled with delicious downhome favorites and daily specials that take you back to your childhood, as well as new items that are sure to become favorites. Some classics have been updated, while others remain just as Grandma used to make them.  The café serves breakfast and lunch from 6:00am until 2:00pm Monday through Saturday, with breakfast only on Sundays from 7:00am to noon.

What really makes the Cable Café such a special place within the Cable community is its rich history. With names throughout the years like Vicky’s Swirl Inn, The Dinkey Diner, and B&B Café, The Cable Café that we know today has been around, in some fashion or another, for generations, leaving each one with their own special memories unique unto themselves.  It is indeed a landmark for anyone living in or visiting the area, and you can’t forget the warm and friendly welcome that continues, even today, as you enter its doors.

Ensuring that the tradition of warm welcomes continues at the Cable Cafe is Jamie Roberts. She will be at the helm of the Café as owner/operator as of January 1, 2018. Jamie was born and raised in Cable area.  She began working at the Café in 2013 while it was under Shirley Deerman’s ownership.  Jamie’s background is in accounting and she also runs her own cleaning business. So, when an opening became available at the Café, she says that she felt a bit nervous, as it was a little outside of her normal. But, Jamie applied, and got a position waitressing at the Cafe 3 days a week, which would then turn into 5.  Jamie says with a smile,

“I loved it, and I can’t imagine doing anything else!”

As Jamie began learning the various aspects of the day to day running of the Café, Shirley and Jamie would joke among themselves about Jamie running it one day.  What was once a running joke between friends, would become a plan, and that plan, a reality.  Jamie says, that not much will change at the Café, maybe a few small things here and there, but she wants everyone to know that,

“The Coffee and Conversation will always be on at the Cable Café.”

So, the next time you drive through Cable, Wisconsin, be sure to stop in, pull up a stool at the counter with a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to just “be” at the Cable Cafe.

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