November 2017 Editor’s Note

November 2017 Editor’s Note

As I sit here writing this column, there is thunder, lightning, wind and rain swiping the leaves from the trees. Having a bunch of oaks, you can imagine the lawn appears like a carpet of colored leaves and pine cones from the pine trees. Yes, undoubtedly the change in season is upon us, as we leave warm late fall temperature and watch the cold front moving in. Yet, change is inevitable as seasons go through their transitions. And soon we will all be busy with holiday preparations over the next several months.

Once again, we have decided to dedicate our November issue to remembering the service of those who served our country. This year we are so honored to be highlighting two WW2 Veterans, Carl Rautio from Oulu, and Mert Warner from Gordon. Both of these gentlemen had very different experiences but were men who willingly did what was asked of them in service to the United States. Read their stories along with Ronald Gronski who served in Vietnam.

Associate Pastor Carey Vik, from Mission Covenant Church, shares with us his tribute to Veterans this month. He gave this as a sermon a couple of years ago on Veteran’s Day.

Once again, we are happy to include the monthly mystery written by James Brakken, Community Notes, and our regular contributors fascinating articles.

Our December issue would like to include any anecdotes of your family’s tradition to celebrate the Holidays of Christmas, Chanukah, etc. If you have a favorite recipe to share for the holidays, we would love to share those with our readers. One thing I know for sure, recipes are tried out that are printed here. I was in Solon Springs, and a woman asked for the magazine as I was distributing to the location. She said, “I used that caramel cake recipe for my husband’s birthday.” Her husband turned to me and smiled approvingly. So, feel free to share one of yours by sending them to Christie. Her info is shown in the magazine.

We wish you a wonderfully Blessed Thanksgiving. Be sure to attend any Veteran’s Memorial Services in your community in remembrance and honoring our Veterans’ living and deceased