August Editor’s Note

August Editor’s Note

Welcome to the Forest & Lakes Monthly August edition. It seems the summer has gone so quickly. Already the stores are stocked with school supplies and sales abound for school clothing. Garden harvesting with canning and freezing the bounty signals we have yet another month before the winter squashes and second crops of greens and root vegetables are planted.

Yet, there are wonderful days ahead to enjoy outdoor events, fishing, camping, and more to fill our last weeks of summer.

This month, we are pleased to feature two regional writers, James A Brakken who has written a very timely book, “Saving our Lakes & Streams – 101 Practical Things You Can Do Today. This book has a become a popular book among Lake Associations to give to their members. Janet Lietha, a teacher recently retired from the Solon Springs High School after 30 years as a Biology teacher, has her first book out featuring her gift of photography. “Exploring the North Country Scenic Trail” offers a wonderful perspective of the north country of northwest Wisconsin as a treasure to be cared for and preserved.

Enjoy learning about Mason Wisconsin’s company town history. The Mason Historical Association has refurbished the once thriving train depot into a quality museum featuring the rich history of among five logging company towns in northern Wisconsin.

We hope you enjoy reading this month’s edition while you take a break with a beverage and relax. We encourage you to support the advertisers in this edition. Thanks goes to those of you who have been giving us a head’s up about activities and future articles.

Have a great August.
Maralene Strom,