Editor’s Note – December 2016

Editor’s Note – December 2016

A year ago, this month, Lu Peet, founder of the Barnes Blog, handed over the reins of the publication to Christie Carlson and me. We all agreed the publication was on a path of expansion and change. In the six and half years Lu was publisher, she began part of the expansion with inclusion of surrounding township who did not have a local publication. Based on the foundation she laid, we continued to move forward. We cannot tell you the invaluable advice and support we have been so fortunate to receive from Lu with her knowledge of the area, contact persons, and more. A BIG thanks, we extend to Lu Peet.

For Christie and I this has been a real adventure. There have been trying times. Glitches have abounded as we iron out our schedules with our families, our individual businesses, and even trying to find the best way to handle some of the publication’s responsibilities. As you can imagine, we are still juggling our time commitments. And you are obviously aware of some of the mistakes we inadvertently made. Yes, it has been a learning experience.

We want to Thank You, for being patient, supportive, and offering your suggestions. We know change in appearance of the publication and re-naming it last month is something to get used to for those who were used the former publication. Yet, with making the name more inclusive of the area it has opened more opportunities for the area communities to let readers know of their organizations, town news, opportunities for enjoying the various recreational, food, and church activities.

This month, we feature to area businesses. The Covered Wagon Restaurant & Bar, Hawthorne and the White Winter Winery in Iron River. We also have several interesting columns written by the respective columnists.

As we move into the second year of Forest & Lakes Monthly, we encourage you to let us know of any events, persons of interest, recognition, or any suggestions you may have for us. This publication cannot exist without our advertisers, so we encourage you to give them your business.

May you all enjoy a Blessed Christmas and Chanukah this Season and Happy New Year!